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Does your water smell, do you have rusty or brown stains on your laundry, sinks, washing machine or plumbing fixtures? These stains cannot be removed by soaps or detergents. Bleach and alkaline builders (often sodium phosphate) can make the stains worse. Over time, iron deposits can build up in water heaters, pressure tanks, and plumbing, reducing your water pressure.

Iron Sulphur Removal

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A smart solution for your water problems, whether it's the smell of sulphur or rust stains in your sink, discolored laundry or damaged fixtures. Until now, the most common cure involved harsh chemicals. The new solution is a simple, smart proven technology using nature's own oxidation process.


''Rusty''filtration technology uses natural oxidation to remove iron and sulphur gas from your water supply with "all-natural" media filters.

No chemicals, no aerators, and without a venturi and without an air compressor, producing fresh clean water for your family to enjoy.


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Manganese Greensand

The Manganese Greensand Iron Filter effectively removes oxidized and soluble iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) often found in well water. Next to hardness, the presence of iron is probably the most common water problem faced by consumers and water treatment professionals.


Small amounts of iron are often found in water because of the large amount of iron present in the soil and because corrosive water will pick up iron from pipes. Manganese produces a brownish color in laundered clothing, leaves black particles on fixtures and as with iron, affects the taste of beverages, including coffee and tea.


For use where Iron or Manganese is below 15 P.P.M., Hydrogen Sulfide is below 5 P.P.M. and Ph is less than 6.5.



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The Iron Curtain