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Aqua Tech Water offers a choice of two quality brands of water softeners; Fleck and Watermax. Which one is best for you?


Performa Filter


DWC offers a wide variety of filters that correct problems arising from objectionalbe tastes, odors, sediment, stains, corrosion, excess chlorine and contamination..


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Water Filters, Purifiers, Reverse Osmosis

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A reverse osmosis quick change system removes an entire menu of impurities and contaminants, yielding water with a flavor worthy of a five-star restaurant. Reverse osmosis systems remove a variety of substances, including: harmful chemicals like lead, mercury and asbestos; cysts and chlorine from municipal water purification that creates a 'city water' taste.


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Reverse Osmosis

Aqua Tech offers the "Sunburst Series" of Ultraviolet (UV) Water Disinfection Systems for both residential and commercial use. UV disinfection works when water enters the electro-polished stainless steel chamber and is exposed to high doses of Ultraviolet (UV) light.


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Ultraviolet (UV) Purifiers

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